David Fasullo
Creative Director  |  Art. Technology. Story.

Stadium VR 4D installation
For the new branded stadium in Atlanta, Mercedes-Benz asked Media.Monks to propose a permanent AMG installation for visitors. Our winning pitch resulted from a product story that imagined AMG through the lens of what a professional driver experiences when test driving this performance tuned model. 

I designed the race track based on famous bends and breakouts around the U.S. Then, stylized see through models and slow motion were used to bring the story to life, taking “Pro Sense” from a mere pitch title to the language used to describe the experience to visitors.

I was especially thrilled to hear Jon Hamm, perform1,2 my narration script--an out-of-body experience for me--resulting in a full sensory experience for stadium visitors.

1. We were not allowed to direct Mr. Hamm. 
2. He needed no direction.